A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer

Hello readers!

My target for finishing this book was 25th October, but it has taken me longer that expected to read this book, so I have posted whilst at various point throughout the book to keep you updated.

Pg. 109 of 309 (35% through):

So far I am loving this book. The story is really interesting, and the reader really feels sympathy for Nhamo, the main character- a young girl. The book follows her in her village, until she sets off to Zimbabwe (for reasons I cannot reveal-I might spoil it for you!) on her own. She faces many challenges, and the reader celebrates with her as she accomplishes small victories. I feel that although much has happened so far- the adventure has only just begun!

Pg. 234 of 302 (82% through)

So much has happened! Nhamo has been to various islands and faces challenges that makes the readers admiration for her grow more and more. Her determination to survive and find her way to Zimbabwe is incredible. I really like the technique the writer uses of giving us some background about Nhamo by having her tell a story to another character. From the stories she tells, we find out more about her culture and what she believes is everyday life. This also gives the reader a little break from Nhamo’s troubles and tells another story, but with it still being part of the book! Although the book is told in 3rd person narrative voice, the reader can still hear Nhamo’s thoughts, which is a really interesting way to read a book because the narrator can describe things that the main character doesn’t know about, and the reader s also able to see into the main characters mind and hear their train of thought (stream of consciousness).

Finished reading!

I loved this book! The ending was perfect and I thought it was very realistic (not to happy, but Nhamo was still content).

Overall I would give this book an 8 or 9 / 10. I thought the plot was a fascinating one, and the reader is highly unlikely to abandon the story halfway, because it keeps you wanting to read.

If you’ve read this book, or want to ask anything about it, feel free to leave me a comment below!

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