One hundred names by Cecelia Ahern

Hello readers,

I recently finished reading “One hundred names” by Cecelia Ahern.

Front cover and blurb:To be captioned by Picture Desk

One hundred names…
one hundred people.

Kitty Logan inherits just a single list with the promise that it’s a story she has to tell.

I found this book really interesting, and my prediction about the genre of this book was correct. I was hoping for a mystery that I could solve and piece together alongside the main character, which is exactly what I got!

When Kitty Logan has to find out the story behind a single list of the names of 100 people, all she can do is start by meeting them. We (the reader) can analyse and observe each person along with Kitty, and try to come to our own conclusion about the link between this abundance of people.

I found the narrative style intriguing because although most chapters focused on Kitty (3rd person), some chapters focused on a person whose name was on the list. This excited me even more because it gave me information that Kitty didn’t have, which of course then made me want to read on in the hope that she caught up!

This is a really good book and all the different people (it truly is a random assortment) keep the book alive right to the end with their vibrant and eccentric personalities and quirks. It ha a beautiful message, and I would recommend this book to teenagers into mystery and realistic fiction.

Thanks for reading, I hope you were inspired to read this, and if not, try reading some of my other reviews.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions in the comments section below!



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