Split image by Robert B. Parker

Hello readers,

I have just finished reading “Split Image” by Robert B. Parker.

Here is the blurb:

A body has been found in the trunk of a Cadillac. Paradise police chief Jesse Stone’s split image cover.jpeginvestigation takes him into the neighbouring homes of two ‘retired’ gangsters. But it isn’t the mobsters the fascinate Jesse- it’s their wives: two completely identical twin sisters, who not even their husbands can tell apart. Given Jesse’s own relationship troubles, the twins’ marriages seem almost disturbingly perfect. But when one of their husbands is found with a bullet in his skull, Jesse is forced to start digging into
their past…

Meanwhile Sunny Randall is in town investigating a religious commune known as the Renewal. The locals think they are a dangerous cult, but based on little evidence other than the suspicion of outsiders. Sunny links up with Jesse to protect the sect’s freedom of religious expression- in the face of a predictable backlash from the

When Jesse investigates into the death of someone, the two prime suspects and the first people he visits. He meets their wives, and their backstory becomes crucial to the unfolding of the story. They have a complicated past, and it relates to several other people, leading to the case being even more complicated than Jesse had thought.

Cheryl DeMarco has a complicated relationship with the renewal, and when things go wrong her parents turn their noses up at her, leading to Sunny Randal (member of the police force) needing to get involved.

I found this book really interesting because the main character/s were in the police force, which was fascinating to follow. Jesse and Sunny (the two protagonists) spend a lot of time together, which helps to tie the two storylines together.

I don’t want to spoil anything but at least search up the book!

I highly recommend it, both for frequent crime readers of for those of you who are considering dabbling in a new genre- you have been reading the right review.

Feel free to leave me a comment or question about the book below.

Until next post!



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