A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Hello everyone!

I have recently finished reading A Monster Calls (in 4 days- the fastest I’ve ever read a book!) and absolutely loved it.

This book contains both humour and sensitivity, both isolation and unity, and both heartbreak and healing. Need I elaborate?

This book is a beautiful tale of Conor, whose mother is unwell with something we are not told (but is portrayed as similar to cancer). Conor has a secret, and without realising it, calls the monster. The monster is surprised when Conor does not fear him, but soon realises that he has worse things to fear.

Conor feels he needs to be punished for his secret, and it is revealed when he tells the monster a story, following three told by the Monster (each containing a lesson that all is not what it seems).

I highly recommend this book, it is appropriate for all ages, and anyone 13 or over would likely find it a quick read.

Let me know what you think if you read/ have read it, or if you have any questions for me!


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